Three weeks passed, my daughter called me and asked I want to improve on tackles for loss, being more of a factor in the run game. I’m going to continue to work and in the way that I work, and my ability to consistently get after the quarterback and if I’m a factor in the running game will determine if this season is a success.”Beyond looking to prove that his production can match the pressure he’s generated on the quarterback in a limited role last season, Fackrell steps into a role as a leader among a young group of pass rushers that includes second year edge rusher Oshane Ximines and third year linebacker Lorenzo Carter. He believes he can help elevate the play of his young teammates by passing on lessons he learned during his first four seasons in Green Bay.”Being the veteran in the room, I think there are some good habits and extra things like footwork and handwork and stuff that I’m sure they already do, but that’s something that has made me better,” Fackrell said.

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