The company may opt to apply for and receive a

New Delhi: Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has announced Scientist ‘B recruitment, for which graduate engineers and candidates with post graduation qualification in Science are eligible. A total of 167 vacancies will be filled through this recruitment. “A provision will be made for the candidates who have appeared in final year examination, to upload their degree/ provisional degree certificate online till 31 August 2020 (extendable, at the discretion of RAC, depending upon the situation prevailing at that time),” the job notice released by DRDO reads..

DeSantis delivered his briefing outdoors, at a new drive thru diagnostics site in Sarasota County. It is the 12th such state supported facility, he said, adding that drive thru sites have accounted for some 109,000 tests. The state plans to announce a mobile testing lab this week, using an RV to deploy rapid testing, with results ready in around 45 minutes..

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