Siemian threw a third quarter interception when he

“That’s football,” Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Fouts said this week. “Nobody is immune to it. You have very little control over some circumstances in the game. The Broncos scored on Janovich’s 28 yard romp on a third and one handoff in the second quarter. But they continued to be plagued by their mistakes. Siemian threw a third quarter interception when he was hit as he delivered a deep pass toward wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders.

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But, make no mistake, he will pay a price for the game, just as he has for all the others. A recent story in ESPN the Magazine describes in detail just what Manning, who is six months from his 40th birthday, goes through after a game, offering an image that few people get to see. Kevin Van Valkenburg writes:.

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Trip was absolutely fantastic, absolutely empowering, said Gaudette, back on the grind Friday night as she scouted Memorial and Central for South head coach Nate Mazerolle. Was there with 39 other women with similar goals in mind, learning about all these different aspects of the sport. Young up and comers in the NFL ranks met with the attendees.

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