One of the problems the league had with the sky

Last week, Purdue announced that football coach Jeff Brohm, basketball coaches Matt Painter and Sharon Versyp and athletic director Mike Bobinksi all agreed to take voluntary 20 percent pay cuts and forego any incentives, effective Sept. 1. Department of Education, Michigan’s football program generated more than $122 million of the department’s $175 million in revenue during the 2019 20 fiscal year.

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That’s what football is all about. It’s a season. It’s not one game or four games or eight games. One of the problems the league had with the sky judge proposal, though, was the prospect of finding enough qualified officials to fill the new jobs. The officiating talent already has been stretched thin by the retirements in recent years of several prominent referees (the referee is the head of the on field officiating crew). The league had to elevate other officials cheap jerseys to replace those departed referees, and the trickle down effect left officiating crews less experienced..

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