Know my mom and dad always did charity work, he said

For Marty, the pro am brings together elements important to the Howe family. Know my mom and dad always did charity work, he said. And hockey players are great guys. From 1767 on there was a change concerning the coats, the previously so richly embroidered dressed coat was replaced by the somewhat simpler undressed coat and a simpler blue coat was introduced as new undressed. And in 1774 the Breeches became white. In 1783 the dressed uniform skirt was again heavily embroidered and the lieutenants wore the uniform with white lapels, introduced in 1787, until 1812.

For the next year Lutteroth continued to promote shows out of Arena Modelo and eventually Arena Nacional, once promoters realized lucha libre had a bit of steam behind it. Still, EMLL had its fair share of growing pains until September 21st, 1934, when Lutteroth decided to celebrate EMLL’s first year with a special show called the EMLL Anniversario (aka the EMLL Anniversary Show). This 1st Anniversario would lead to an annual show under that name every September to celebrate EMLL’s birth, essentially becoming the first big annual wrestling show in the world.

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