It’s on the entire defense to stop the run

“It’s far from a fishing expedition,” Tacopina said in a telephone interview Saturday. “We wouldn’t have made a federal filing unless we had a good faith basis to do so. And we have more than a good faith basis to do so. Three years ago, the NFL cracked down when players used their cleats to display social, political, patriotic, memorial or charitable messages. Yeezy cleats earned a thumbs down, 9/11 tribute cleats got a thumbs up, and cleats that didn’t feature team colors were very out as fines were handed out like Skittles. The episode became a PR hit for the NFL, so it approved a “My Cause, My Cleats” weekend when players could send a message with their feet with the league’s advance approval.

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Strength and hands are two key features of Allen’s game. They are clear to see in both the run game and as he rushes the passer. He almost always manages to get his hands inside onto the chest of the blocker, which gives him great leverage. The coaching staff treated Thompson, Reed and Williams carefully during the offseason. The Redskins wanted them ready for the opener, even if that meant limiting their time working with the newly acquired Smith. Thompson suffered a broken fibula Nov.19, and doctors said it would take a year before he feels completely normal.

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“So, it’s not just on Jonathan Allen’s position. It’s on the entire defense to stop the run. [Defensive coordinator] Greg Manusky is well aware of that. That’s it. There are others worth mentioning, such as Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith and his rookie running back Kareem Hunt. But there is nobody else at the moment who rightfully should be mentioned ahead of Wentz or Brady..

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