If it is old and perhaps paid off

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My second idea for how to save money on auto insurance is to lower coverage on your older cars. If it is old and perhaps paid off, it may make sense to drop your collision coverage. That’s the coverage you have to help cover any damage you do to your own car, and it often is a sizable chunk of your premium..

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One funder can address all the needs, so when we partner, we can extend our reach further, said Marian Clowes, PACF Associate Director for Community Leadership. This project, the Marietta Community Foundation connected us to a local program addressing access to books and reading materials for school children this summer, and we were pleased that additional funds helped to expand the program reach to more students. That is a win win for everyone! the College anticipated serving only 80 children through the program, but thanks to the support from MCF and PACF they can now serve between 220 230 local children.

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