I am particularly interested in one fantasy that we

We going to see the low that producing the heavy showers at the moment move into Britain but we still going to feed bands of showers in eastern parts of Ireland on Thursday and probably even extending westwards on Friday.Speaking for the RSA, Teresa Mannion said: “After heavy rain, it can take some time for water to drain away.”Try to avoid crossing a road covered in water. If the road ahead is flooded choose another route. Flooded roads that appear shallow may be deeper than you think.”If the road is partially flooded, then divers should only pass through one at a time keeping to the part of the road that visible.

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Well, at least they won’t look at you funny for being worth less than a million. This city owned mini course, at 2,450 yards, is perhaps the island’s best deal and affords some of the best views. Check in at the shack sized clubhouse, and for an extra $10, jump in a cart if you’re absolutely lazy.

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