Dempsey had lived in an assisted living home for

He made a bigger splash in track, setting a world record in the indoor 70 yard low hurdles and drawing speculation that he would compete for a spot in the 1960 Olympics as a sprinter. Instead, he committed to football after receiving encouragement followed by a $7,000 salary from Browns Coach Paul Brown, who spotted him at a track in Cleveland and selected Mr. Mitchell in the NFL draft’s seventh round in 1958..

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The cause was complications from the novel coronavirus, said his daughter Ashley Dempsey. Mr. Dempsey had lived in an assisted living home for several years after being diagnosed with dementia, and he tested positive for the coronavirus a little more than a week ago.

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Six matches remaining (El Paso has seven), New Mexico has 20 points, El Paso has 15 and the teams are scheduled to play one more time (Sept. 26) before season end. A win would give United an eight point advantage, while a loss would bring El Paso to within two points of the group lead..

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After The Post’s story was published, several professional sportswriting groups issued a statement Friday supporting Walker, Princiotti and the other women who spoke to the newspaper. It read in part: “Women reporters are repeatedly subjected to demeaning behavior on the job and in the workplace and misogynistic attacks on the internet. This needs to stop.” It was signed by the president of the Associated Press Sports Editors and the heads of sports task forces from the National Association of Black Journalists, the Asian American Journalists Association and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists..

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