“CBS has a long standing, highly productive

Speaking last week at the UBS Technology, Media and Telecom Conference, ViacomCBS CEO Bob Bakish told investors that he was encouraged by his recent meetings with NFL personnel and franchise owners. “CBS has a long standing, highly productive partnership with the NFL,” Bakish said, adding that the network’s production expertise should give it a leg up over the untutored FAANG set. “[The NFL] has a great deal of faith in CBS in terms of its ability to deliver a super high quality product.

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“It’s a tricky situation,” said Ravens center Matt Birk, who said he is content with the level of care he receives. “As players, we expect to be safe and we want to be safe. At the same time, we play a very physical game. It been an American story. (Concussion producers) Ridley Scott, and his wife Giannina Facio, dreamt a dream, an impossible dream, to find a cure for CTE. The goal is simply to tap into that great American ingenuity to support the families and the sufferers of this disease.

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